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The “Walking the Edit” project is an artistic platform that empowers it’s user to compose unique and surprising movies based on existing audio-visual fragments, through the simple act of walking. The aim is to connect “users” to the audio-visual memory of a specific space, by reading, sharing and writing stories within this collective memory.

It functions the following way: the user generates his movie with the help of a smartphone app that translates in real time the form of his or her path into a narrative playlist of previously geolocalized media files. First comes the interactive experience where the user (walker) hears the sound of the movie (walk and listen), then comes the reception where it is possible to watch the resulting personal movie (watch and listen).

Stories of-from-about-with the territory: the practice of “walking of a movie” is an open and playful way of interacting with the audiovisual memory of our surrounding environment and everyday life. By mixing our immediate reality with feeds and data coming from the digital space (the mobile internet), we create a so-called “augmented reality”. The project “Walking the Edit” opens an alternative path to this hybrid territory, by reducing the growing data-worlds into a single linear, time based construction: a story. One story out of many potential others: the past of the place you are interacting with is (re)combining itself to deliver a new, contextual and unique story that belongs to your present.

Each trace and resulting movie is connected through the user with the initial footage and starting place: a network of people, memories, usages and places is creating a world of infinitely changing and evolving stories.

Every adaptation of this project in a new local context is highly specific: the results and targeted public are depending on the geolocalized content (archive material, documentary images of today, pieces of fiction etc), the way of indexing the content (producing specific metadata, setting up the variables etc) and the nature of the context (topography, socio-cultural context etc).

The Walking the Edit site is translated almost to 100% in english, and our technical ecosystem we rely on, Memoways, is done in english (with a little part in french).

Complementary information in english:

There is a long interview in english with some background explanations on the blog of Nicolas Nova.

Another post in this blog on complementary questions.



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