New points on our path

We are in a fast moving world (especially regarding technologies, they evolve all the time, new paradigm change arrive every 6 months – in short, nothing is stable, we are all together on a boat that is carrying us on a trip that nobody is leading really) but we are also “backed” with rigid views on our world (the new has to establish itself as viable economic path before we accept it, our attitude regarding technology is very much tinted with our need to measure, plan and master everything – in short, we want to be sure that this boat belongs to us and follows our orders).

How those two antagonist streams do affect a project like Walking the Edit and our young Company Memoways ? It’s simple: we have to prove that the new ideas are not only theory, but 1) work and 2) bring money in. All that with very little money to begin with.

Our system has proven that it’s working (see Walking the Edit movies or the Smartmap), even with only 20% of the functionalities that we would like to implement.
We have done a lot until now, but it seems that it’s not enough (for many reasons, too long to explicit here). So we have to react to be able to stay on that boat, by bringing our specific, innovative and surprizing ways to “pull” and “push” the memory of this journey…
But to react, we need some more “fuel”: without money it will be very difficult to continue.
So now we have to prove that there can be a viable economic development for this new kind of open and playful interactions with the digital world; as there is no comparable project that has build up a working economic model, we have to project that the value of the individual and singular user experience is the creation of a potential economic value. It is not given, but as many other people try to develop strategies to engage user with a given (story)world, it seems that there is a global movement towards more experience creation on the road to the value creation.

Memoways – as a tool to “play” with our shared audiovisual memory through a personal way of interacting with the digital world – is in short two things: a new conceptual architecture of bridging existing technologies together and the vision of taking this digital world not only as a way to master our real world, but to extend our human needs (food for the body and the soul) to the digital world. And our human needs are not only to be able to go from point A to B as fast as possible or to find the most powerful way to get access to the bank account of a user – we as human being need to be entertained, intellectually and emotionally challenged; in short: to be able to use the available tools (may they be digital or not) to build working and sharable links between our dreams, wishes and desires and our daily reality.

All that being said – what road will we be able to build and what path can we share ?

Read our new roadmap; read here to get the new strategic positioning.
Those are the technical and strategic waypoints – about the more conceptual and artistic branches, we will still continue to work through possible research projects.
There is still so much to research, to try, to play with…


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