Héritage à Berlin


Entre Angers, Paris, Londres et Arles, se glisse Berlin.

Memoways va être présent, en lien avec notre partenaire Dédale au Workshop – Digital storytelling for mediation and valorisation of cultural heritage. 

Le workshop se déroule la semaine du 9 octobre, en abordant les enjeux suivants:

New technologies have opened new perspectives, ways and practices of telling stories. Digital storytelling exploits the potential offered by digital tools for editing and disseminating contents, to create an enriched narrative process thanks to multimedia cultural resources. This is a major opportunity for cultural heritage to pass from digitization and aggregation of content to the editorialisation of this content, and thus for cultural institutions to make their content more attractive for the public, providing new experiences and ways for engaging with new audiences. It offers great outlooks in the fields of education, tourism, cultural mediation.

This workshop is the occasion to present the study on the state of the art of digital storytelling for mediation and valorisation of cultural heritage, and to present relevant projects, tools and services for users.

This workshop is organised in the framework of the Athena+ project.

Memoways va présenter la plateforme logicielle ainsi que son cas d’usage Walking the Edit (ou comment marcher l’héritage…).



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