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With the summer 2011 comes the first english post in this blog. There are more and more non french speaking visitors, and writing in english will force me to write down things in a more simple and direct way…
I apologize for the english that certainly will not be perfect but hopefully understandable !

So, what are the news, what is going on with this project ?

First, the main big thing that is under work just now: we just created a new structure called “Memoways to commercialize the toolset that is behind the Walking the Edit project.
This toolset is mainly composed by a database managed through a custom CMS and linked with API’s to the client applications (the iPhone app’, the website); a separate post will give more insight into that toolset.
We will separate the artistic adaptations (like Walking the Edit and Heritage Experience) from the more generic uses that can be made with this toolset (in a touristic or historic perspective; in combination with an ARG game…). The version 1.0 of our webapp (based on the Cappuccino Framework) will be out during this summer; the underlying database is almost created. After the creation of an user account, anyone can use this app to upload, manage and specify personalized user scenarios in combination with mobile computing uses; the subscription system will be based on a Freemium model.
But, who is “we” ? Mainly 2 persons: Nicolas Goy (the lead developer working on the WE project since more than 3 years) and Ulrich Fischer (who build up the project in 2007). There are other people working with us – the website with more detailed information and the blog of this new entity will arrive in a few days: stay tuned !

Second, we are developing the version 1.0 of our iPhone app’ which should be available as a free download on the iTunes store in the next few weeks (end of June I hope !).
The app will have following features:
– walk and record your movie (this part is already working in our existing beta version) – you hear in realtime the sound of your movie;
– have a graphical overview of your movie, in real time, through our special “bubble view” mode (see here for a simulation);
– watch your walked movie (this is a new feature) – you have access to your recorded paths and movies to watch them directly on your iPhone.

Third, we continue to work on presentations and demoing the whole system.
Several doors for specific new adaptations are opening and under discussion; it is too soon to give any concrete news by now but there will be updates on this in the next weeks.


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