WE for iPhone – it is coming !

Picture by Charles Ayats

The road to publish an application on the appstore can be long: for many different reasons our 4 beta applications where not able or ready to be officially distributed.
Now that we changed a lot of things in the application (from a web app to a native application; from a server / client relation to an almost client only solution; from a audio stream to an internal audio playing solution) and we built up a complete new server solution (powered by Memoways), the WE app for iPhone is in the approval process at Apple.

We should know in the next days how it works out and if the following application will be freely downloadable by any iPhone user.

The app icon

The app works like this:

Once you have downloaded the WE app’ from the Appstore  you just have to:
1. Launch the WE app’ on your iPhone, go to the Packages tab
2. Select the package you want to download (choose the city you are located in; you will be able to use the packages in any other location, but it will not really make sense).
3. Be sure to be connected to the internet with a good WIFI connection – press load, and wait until the package is completely downloaded on your phone
4. You are ready to go ! As the application is working with the GPS of the iPhone, it will work correctly only if you are under the open sky
5. Put on your earphones
6. Start the recording of your walk: press on the start button
7. Walk, listen, look… walk, run, stay still…
8. Stop the recording. You can now name the walk
9. To be able to view the movie, you just have to publish your walk: select the right walk and clic on publish. At the first publication, you will have to create a user, so that the walk and the movie can be linked to the right user
10. Watch the resulting movie on the Walking the Edit website – you will find it under the name you gave to your walk.
There is still a lot to be done, like following things that should come in the coming version:
– Login: add Facebook login
– Record: bubble view mode, like this kind of visualisation (coming from another beta version of the app)

– Record: add more information layers (to know who is the author, when was the footage created, see some tags and so on)
– Walks: have access to more information (lenght of the walk, kilometers, average speed, number of collected videos and so on)
– Watch: a new tab that let’s the user watch directly the published movie on the iPhone
If you have a question, feedback or a suggestion, we are very happy to read your comments if you send us a mail.

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